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Our Covid-19 Response

March 25th,


To our Chiropractic Family,

We wish you all well during these precarious times.

We want to assure you again that our number one goal is the safety of our practice members and staff. We want to be safe and want you to feel safe in our office.

We will continue to be here to support you and your families through this stressful time. One of the main reasons Chiropractic care is essential and our office is staying open is that it reduces the number of people going to the hospital during this time. We know that back pain, neck pain, and headaches are a major reason for hospital visits and health care costs every year and chiropractic does a good job at treating them, but an even better job at preventing them. In addition, several studies suggest respiratory symptoms such as asthma and allergies in children are also improved with chiropractic care.

As many of you have seen, we have already adjusted our schedule to minimize the number of people in the office to 10 or fewer, and we’re continuously sanitizing and disinfecting key, high-trafficked areas, including the check-in computers, adjusting tables, chairs, counters, door knobs/handles, kid’s areas, bathrooms, etc.

With that said, we understand that if you are sick or feeling ill, are high risk, or have recently had potential COVID-19 exposure, stay home and please call the office so we can continue to keep everyone here safe.

We want to let you know we are here for you. Be smart, make healthy choices. With restrictions clamping down on us that is getting harder and harder to do. There’s no good way to treat this thing from outside in. We have to focus on what makes our bodies strong and what keeps our immune system at optimal performance. That’s critical, and there’s plenty of research to show how regular chiropractic care does that.

So we’ll be here for you on our normal hours Mon, Wed, Thurs 7-10:30, 3-6:15. This way you can get out of your house for a bit, get your immune boosting adjustment and help keep your sanity.

We love and appreciate you all and can’t wait to see you on your next visit.


In health,

Your team at Family Chiropractic of Merrimack and Wellness Center.

Covid-19 Update #2

March 21st,


Dr.Tim WILL be adjusting those of you who are able and eligible (please see our pinned post) to support your immune systems and support the removal of stress off your bodies!

Please be patient as our office is shifting to remote work for Lisa at the desk and Casey in our insurance and billing department.

Please feel free to leave us messages they will be checked throughout the day and will be returning calls as soon as we can.

We are not conducting your on going periodic heath assessments/ bio structural exams, or new patient exams at this time to allocate Dr.Tim's efforts to being as efficient with time in the office to adjust, while keeping the numbers of patients low in each adjusting block.

We will keep you posted if anything changes as new information from the state comes through.

Please know we are respecting each of your choices at this time all we ask is for communication so we can serve you all to the best of our abilities.


Thank you all in advance for a collective effort in helping us serve you.

Covid-19 Update #1

March 18th,


Following guidelines set on Medical Facilities.

Please ask yourself the following questions prior to coming in for an adjustment, can you answer NO to the following:

Have I traveled outside of the state on public transportation in the past two weeks?

Do I have or am I prone to respiratory distress?

Do I have a fever actively?

Am I immunocompromised at this time?

**Please we ask that only the patient who’s on the schedule for an adjustment come into the building. This will help keep the number of people in the clinic low.

Thank you for helping us continue to support your immune system while also helping lower the curve.

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