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Chiropractic is a great way of keeping your body working properly.

How does chiropractic work?

Chiropractor locate and correct subluxations in your body. Subluxations are internal distortions that interfere with your body function. Subluxations affect nerves, muscles, bones, organs, glands and tissues. Uncorrected subluxations weaken your body, unbalance your skeletal system, put stress on your nerves and organs, lower your resistance to disease and sap your energy. You may experience premature aging and feel tight and weak.

Subluxations can also affect brain function. Your brain may not function at its peak, you may feel as if you have "brain fog", your mood may be muddled and your concentration may be weak.

When you are in this state (subluzated) you are said to be dis-eased meaning that your body is simply not working right, has lowered resistance to disease and is in a pre-disease state. You are in a pre-disease state or have dis-ease before your health deteriorates to the point that you get a named disease (a cold, flu, backache, disc problem, vision or hearing problem, headache, arthritis, heart trouble, cancer, etc.)

Subluxations are unfortunately very common - most people develop them at some time in their lives.

Subluxations are painless

Subluxations are health-destroying and yet they are painless. You could have multiple subluxations in your body and have no idea something is wrong — until disease or illness “suddenly” strikes you.

Chiropractors correct subluxations

Chiropractors spend thousands of hours learning how to locate and correct subluxations. Chiropractic adjustments (corrections) release stress from your nerves, balance your body structure, promote your muscles working in harmony and help you function at your peak.


It takes time to get sick

No one goes from perfect health to horrible illness overnight — it takes time. This is the period of dis-ease. Your resistance to disease is lowered, your body may be accumulating toxins and you’ve lost that healthy bounce to your step. The glow to your skin has disappeared and the twinkle in your eye has become lackluster and dull. It didn’t happen overnight but gradually as your body started to break down.


It takes time to get well

Just as you experienced dis-ease before your health crisis brought you to our office, it will take time to reach your best possible health. It will happen in stages.


Stay subluxation-free

Because every illness takes time to develop and true health takes time to regain, it is important to keep yourself subluxation-free. Since you don’t necessarily know if you have subluxations, periodic chiropractic checkups will help you maintain your improved health and continue the healing process that you’ve already begun.


Why wait?

Most people wait until they are ill before addressing their health. By then it may be too late. Why not work to prevent disease, to prevent deterioration, to maintain and optimize your health? That is the goal of chiropractic.

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